So, Who am I?

I'm just an 18 year old guy who's been coding for quite some time. About 10 years total to be exact, but don't confuse that with 10 years experience with a specific language. I've got a few languages under my belt, to name a few...

These are just some of the languages I've had the pleasure of working with over my career.
Some of the left out ones include: HTML+CSS. Python, and JS.
But my primary coding language to date, is good ol' C++.

But there's a twist! I'm not going to school for CS ( Computer Science )! I'm actually going to uni for Biomedical Sciences, with the intent to further go onto medicine in the near future, with my end goal being becoming a Neurosurgeon.

Then, Why do I do it?

There are a few reasons I do this, really. The first reason is the same reason as why I started. It's fun, and I love it as a hobby. Plus, most people would have to work during college to be able to pay for food and stuff like that. You know what's probably really boring? Working at a fast food restaurant, or as a secretary or something like that. You know what's really fun? Freelance coding to make money. Now, I can feel thousands of freelancers collectively cringing at my statement, but coding cheats is a completely different industry to just freelance coding, I'd wager that it pays a lot better, too.

What do you do?

I've got quite a few projects that I'm pretty proud of. I also have a lot of other projects that aren't too noteworthy in my opinion, here's a few of them. (Click them!)

How can I reach you?

There are a few ways you can reach me.
My Stream
My Guidedhacking profile (PM Me)
Or My Unknowncheats profile (PM Me)
I've also got a Skype that can be given out if necessary, but I'm fairly picky about who gets it nowadays.